Our first ever proposal FEATURE on the website! We do capture proposals from time to time, they are a major treat, and we share them on social media. This proposal was different though, with not only photo, but also video, drone, and Nick even allowed us to mic him up for audio. Below you will read excerpts from both Nick and Jacqueline themselves, both written separately, about their experiences of the day. Jackie kicks things off, then our video, then Nick’s turn to narrate, followed by the photos below the text:

The proposal day was the greatest day of my life! I originally had a surprise 30th birthday party planned for Nick, which he found out about and COMPLETELY reversed the surprise. About two hours before the surprise party Nick sat me down and told me that he knew about the party. I was so upset that he found out about the surprise. Nick tried to convince me to go for a car ride before we had to go to the party. After much convincing, I finally agreed. We went for a ride and he pulled into his parents driveway (which is where the party was going to be). I begged him not to go into the house so at least the party decorations would be a surprise to him. He kept insisting that we go into the house, and said to me “there is a reason we are here.” At first, I said to him “did you get another puppy?” thinking he was going to surprise me with a puppy. We walked into his parents and his dad pulled me aside saying he had to show me something. Nick ran down the hall and came back with a microphone hooked up to his shirt. I immediately noticed the mic and said to him “why are you wearing that?” He walked me through the house and I saw all of the balloons and roses set up outside. As soon as I saw that I figured out what was happening. I was in shock. I had no idea that this was coming! He had everything set up, even the Walker Wedding Group set up and ready. He said the sweetest words to me and asked me to marry him! Nick also had our parents watching the entire proposal and I had NO idea. It was a dream proposal with everything I could ever imagine. He put so much thought and love into it. Everything was planned out SO perfectly. I am still in shock. The amount of times I have said “Nick we are getting married” in the last few days is incomprehensible. I am the luckiest girl in the world and I cannot wait for our future together. Nick is my soulmate and I love him more than words can say.

I had been trying to propose to Jackie, and I had the picture-perfect idea in my head for a very long time. Jackie LOVES Disney, so I knew the proposal would have to be Disney themed. I had multiple trips booked to Florida to propose on the beach as a surprise. The surprise was going to include a Disney Castle sand sculpture and Mickey+Minnie Mouse sand sculptures. The surprise was also going to include both of our families flying in and watching it happen. The threshold for COVID in Florida never broke, and we were never able to go down, but my love for Jackie was burning deep inside of me. I tried to go anywhere else New York state would allow; Las Vegas, Aruba, and Arizona. None of which ever happened. I didn’t know what to do, and I got very anxious and upset about the entire situation.

Then an opportunity presented itself. My 30th birthday was the upcoming week, which was also the week that I was trying to make this proposal happen somewhere somehow out of state. I also wanted it to be on a Saturday. Little did I know that Jackie was trying to plan a surprise 30th birthday party for me at the time. After questioning multiple people, I finally got someone to spill the news, and found out that she had something planned for that Saturday with both of our family and friends in attendance. So you know what I said? This is the perfect opportunity for me to flip this around and surprise her! Little did I know the amount of planning required to plan this proposal in under one week.

I called up my good friend Greg Kelly at Northeastern Fine Jewelers and said “Gregg, this thing is gonna happen this week; I need the diamond, and I need it now!” Gregg was an absolute pleasure to work with and held my hand through the entire process. He helped me get the perfect ring in a record amount of time. When I asked if he had any suggestions for a photographer, videographer, or audio (I asked for all three) he recommended Luke and the team from the Walker Wedding Group. The very next day, the Walker Wedding Group team was at my house, helping me to plan the proposal, and make the best decisions for my photos. They really walked me through each and every step. After deciding upon the perfect proposal location, I ordered Disney themed balloons instead of the huge sand sculpture castle I was going to do in Florida. After securing that, I ordered my flowers from VENUS ET FLEUR in New York City. Lastly, I got an Ice Sculpture made that said, “Will You Marry Me?” Everything was in place in under a week. I started writing down what I would say and repeated it over and over. I work in sales and give pitches for a living, but I knew this would be the hardest pitch I would ever have to give.

All week the weather was supposed to be good, but on the day of the supposed proposal, it changed multiple times from good to bad, to good to bad again, and by 12 pm I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the house immediately to set up the entire display. I wasn’t going to risk letting the weather ruin such a great occasion. I called both parents, I called the Walker Wedding Group team, called the Balloon team, and everyone showed up earlier. I would especially like to thank the Luke and the rest of the Walker Wedding Group staff for being so accommodating. They were there as soon as I called them; it was truly some of the greatest customer service I could have asked for on one of the most anxious days of my life.

Once everything was set, I asked Jackie to shower, and said that we were going to look at houses before our “dinner reservation” (which was the 30th birthday party she planned). She told me that I was acting weird, and even asked me if I was going to propose. I had two options to explain it: option one was to tell her that I was going to propose, and ruin the surprise? Absolutely not. The other was to create even more of a smokescreen and tell her that I knew about the surprise party. That did not go over well- she was absolutely furious! As soon as we left to “go look at houses,” she was as mad at me as she had ever been before. When I took a turn down my parent’s street, and she asked, “why are we going down here?” I said “I have to show you something.” She was so mad she wouldn’t even get out of the car. I said “Jackie, there is a reason we’re here. Please trust me.” I almost had to drag her out of the car to get her inside! She was still so mad. As soon as I got inside, my parents said hello, and distracted her. I ran to the “bathroom” to get mic’d up, and then I asked Jackie to follow me. The rest was very emotional, but I was able to get out everything I needed to say. Our family and close friends were watching when she said yes, and the best thing was, she had no idea! It was the best day of my life. The love of my life and my best friend officially committed to marrying me; She said Yes!

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