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Aleksandra+Matt : Sleepy Hollow Country Club Wedding Photos

What are your wedding colors and/or themes?
The venue at Sleepy Hollow Country Club is so ornate and extravagant that we wanted to keep a simple color scheme. The men all wore black tuxedos and the bridesmaids all wore dark gray gowns of their choice. We used neat, white hydrangea bouquets to tie in the whole look.

How did you meet?
Matt and I met online, on This sounds a little crazy, but after I created my profile, Matt was actually my first online date. After our first night out at Mayahuel in NYC (delicious margaritas!), we both had such a blast that I didn’t set up any other online dates. The rest is history.

Do you have a special proposal story?
Matt played football in college and loves re-living his glory days. He has a championship football ring, placed in a velvet ring box that sits in his bedside table. Every so often, he loved to prank me and “fake propose,” On several random occasions, he would whip out the box, face me, and say “I have something important to ask you.” After a couple of these “pranks”, I knew every time I saw that box, I could just brush him off.
It was January 2015, and we were in Florida for Matt’s grandmother’s 85th birthday. We were getting ready for dinner, when Matt turns to me, whips out this football ring box, and once again, says “I have something to ask you.” I laughed and called him stupid. Next he said, “This time I’m not joking.” The rest gets a little blurry from all of the emotions and excitement, but Matt’s family was waiting in the next room with champagne glasses, ready to celebrate. I later found out the ring Matt gave me was his grandmother’s. She gave it to him under the stipulation that she be present for the engagement. Having her be there to celebrate made it extra special.

What is your inspiration when planning your wedding?
I used Pinterest for most of the wedding inspiration. I spent a lot of my spare time, browsing through various wedding pictures. Ultimately, we wanted an elegant, glamorous wedding that didn’t feel stuffy. It was very important to us to ensure our guests had a blast!

Did you incorporate any fun themes/motifs or design elements?
Since the venue is on a golf course, we wanted to incorporate some type of golf theme. We made the place cards which consisted of 3 personalized golf tees bound together, and the names and tables of our guests printed on round stock paper, which looked like golf balls. They were all laid out on a piece of turf, at the front entrance of the venue.

Did you include any special traditions, old or new?
Matt’s background is Jewish and mine is Catholic. We had both a priest and a rabbi officiate the wedding because we wanted to celebrate both of our traditions.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
With about 220 guests at the wedding, we were both feeling the pressure in the weeks leading up to the wedding. But we both agreed that the actual wedding day was the best day of our lives. Being surrounded by so many people who love and support us was honestly such an incredible experience. The Walker Wedding Group did such an amazing job! You guys are so talented and passionate about your work! Thank you for being a part of our day!

Dress Designer: MZ2 by Mark Zunino
Dress Shop: Kleinfeld Bridal
Hair/makeup: Makeup- Agnieszka Choinska, Hair- Patricia Bucka
Bridesmaid dresses: Bridesmaids were able to choose their own long gowns, in shades of dark gray. Results included dresses from Jenny Yoo, Amsale, Adrianna Papell & Parker Black.
Flowers: Sky Flowers
Cake: Momofuku Milk Bar
Catering: Sleepy Hollow Country Club
Entertainment: Chris Michaels Band
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Sleepy Hollow Country Club

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